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Does My Business Need a Professional Website?

Does My Business Need a Professional Website?

Professional Website

No more brochures!

Businesses can spend millions creating brochures and then delivering them to potential customers. If you have a professional website you can totally avoid that. Your prospective customers can find out about you and whatever you offer online.

Who uses the internet?

More than 3.2 billion people use the internet every day. Did you know that only 13% of Americans don’t use the internet at all? It may seem hard to believe for some of us.

How many people buy goods or services on the internet?

In 2016, more than three quarters (77%) of adults reported buying goods or services online in the last 12 months.

How many people search for local businesses?

According to BrightLocal’s Key Findings:

• 53% of consumers search for local businesses at least one time per month (vs. 43% in 2015)
• 69% of consumers search for a local business at least 6 times per year (vs. 60% in 2015)
• Only 5% said they never searched for local businesses online (vs. 9% in 2015)

How many people will see my website?

By having a website potentially thousands of people are going to see it.  This enables you to influence people’s decisions and even educate them.

Display your work on a website

Do you know that great feeling of pride that you get when people recognize your work? Well, by having a website you can portray what you are good at.

What about new offers or other promotions?

Your website can be updated as often as you want with your newest offers, products, promotions, events, photos, or any other content.

What about email?

By having a website you can have your own email: yourname@yourcompanyname.com. It is more professional and easier to remember. Even if you think it is okay to use Johndoe354@hotmail.com, it really doesn’t resonate with customers.

Can I afford a professional website?

Yes! If you are searching online for a professional website to be developed for you, you might get scared away because of the potential costs. I can tell you from experience that most of those costs are 10 times more than they need to be. I suppose that some businesses have to pay their employees or account for any overhead costs generated in their business. However, I work alone so I am able to charge a lot less. I would challenge anyone to find the same services at the professional standards that I offer for less money.

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