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Meta Tags

Meta Tags

Important code information:

Meta Tags are bits of information that your webmaster will put into the code of your website to make your pages more accessible to the search engines. Create different meta tags for each page of your site. These are three of the most important ones:

1. Title Tag: This is the heading people will see in the search engines and will be the deciding factor in whether they want to visit your site. Make this tag as interesting as possible. Search engines see this as the “title” of your page. Keep it no more than 6-10 words long.

Example: <TITLE>Diane’s Web Design can build your website from start to finish<TITLE>

2. Meta Keywords: These are words relevant to the page at hand. Always put the keywords in order of importance from left to right. Use keywords unique to the present page at the beginning; and at the end, make them unique to your site.

Example: <META name= “keywords” content= “affordable web design, web development, website design, website development, domain registry, hosting, site maintenance, logos, SEO”>

3. Meta Description: A brief description of your page. Make it sound natural and try not to cram a bunch of your keywords into it. Try to make your description interesting and relevant with one or two keywords. The description should not be more than 200 characters long.

Example: <META name= “description” content= “Diane’s Web Design provides professional and affordable web design”

Keywords: Your connection to the internet:

When a person searches the internet using certain words to find what they are looking for, these are considered “keywords”. If you want to draw potential clients to your site, you will need keywords incorporated into your website meta tags (code) and also into your content. Choose carefully the keywords you want inserted into your website. Make a list of words you think would be typically used to search for your services. Include popular synonyms, common misspellings, and phrases of two or three words. Phrases are especially important because if people search for single words, so many sites come up that you could never look at them all. You will narrow the search down by using two, three or more words. By putting these same phrases into your meta tags your site will likely come up earlier in the search engines. However, do not enter keywords more than once or twice because engines penalize pages that are repetitious. A good place to find your keywords is through tools on the internet. Wordtracker or Google have good keyword tools.